Child playing in nature

Learning Environments


Children at Piccolo Early Learning Centre will access a unique open indoor/ outdoor environment that promotes learning, imagination, exploration, creativity and development through play. Our children will select their play, driven by their interest of indoor and outdoor learning, quiet activities, and individual educator/ child interactions.

Our outdoor areas are inspired by the natural world that support and encourage challenge and risk taking. The areas provide open access to natural light and are designed to encourage friendships and social development. The natural play areas provide our “piccolos” with plenty of room for their growing needs, inquisitive and energetic bodies to explore or quietly discover.

We are committed to a high standard of cleanliness, with effective hygiene practices and procedures. Our clean, hygienic centre will minimise the potential risk of disease and illness. Educators will role model basic hygiene tasks, assisting children in increasing their awareness and responsibility for their own health and physical wellbeing.

Speciality Spaces for Learning

Piccolo art

Piccolo – Art Studio (Atelier)

Reggio Emilia inspired musical play

Piccolo – Music, Dance, Drama


Piccolo – Library & Reading


Piccolo – Seniors

Reggio Emilia inspired play at Piccolo Early Learning Centre

Piccolo – Gardening


Piccolo  – Sport Skills

fresh vegetables

Piccolo – Cucina Cafe


‘Cucina’ is Italian for kitchen and in Italy the kitchen is one of the most central places in the family home where quality meals are made, experienced and enjoyed together.

At Piccolo, nutrition plays an essential role in the care we provide. We have an open Cucina Café with delicious, family based nutritious meals. All special dietary requirements are documented and catered for. Our menus are reflective of cultural diversity and are respectful of individual preferences, allergies and intolerances of the children at the service. Meals provided by our Cucina Café include breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack. All meals provided for the children are prepared daily by our experienced cook and are designed to include a variety of textures, colours and tastes.

Our Piccolos will be encouraged to participate in the preparation of meals and cooking nutritious afternoon tea and snacks. We aim to provide all children with an understanding of cooking from recipes and knowledge of nutrition, maintaining a lifelong respect for food and family with a particular focus on growing our own foods from our Piccolo garden.