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Our Piccolos


Piccolo Early Learning Centre is all about making your child feel like they are home. We provide a warm and friendly environment that reminds your child of family.

Our highly qualified and experienced Centre Director, educators and owners endeavour to build relationships based on collaboration and a mutual respect for the reciprocal roles that each play in the lives of your children.

We acknowledge that every child and family is unique, therefore we work closely with each family to develop routines that are similar to home.

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Nursery – 0 to 12 months

We understand how important it is for babies to have rituals/routines. When your little one comes to Piccolo, their daily schedule is set by you and we endeavour to make this similar to yours at home. As they develop, their achievements will be shared with you, celebrated and documented against the ‘Early Years Learning Framework’.

Babies – 12 to 18 months

Toddlers enjoy a choice of fun activities and play designed to help them discover themselves, make friends and acquire essential skills. Nursery and Little Toddlers have their own playgrounds with soft surfaces and equipment for climbing to help them explore their environment, develop new skills and learn through play opportunities.

Toddlers – 18 months to 2.5 years

Our big kids love their days full of wonder, exploration and planned activities which help them to develop a range of skills from language development, problem solving, mathematics, science, cooking, construction and endless physical activities including music and dance. They will learn to work in groups, make new friends and will extend their social skills.

Pre-Kindy – 2.5 to 3.5 years

Kindy – 3.5 to 5 years

Piccolo care and education is child care and kindergarten all rolled into one. We provide an Early Years Kindergarten Program within the long day care. Qualified Early Childhood Teachers incorporate carefully planned play-based learning programs providing skills required for children to transition easily into Kindergarten or Pre-Primary the following year at your desired school.

Happy baby playing peekaboo

A typical day – with 0 to 2 year olds

(outdoor play is determined by weather conditions and needs of each child)

Open 6.30am
Breakfast – play time indoors and outdoors child initiated play

Progressive morning tea/ 1st babies’ sleep time

Free indoor/outdoor play with child and educator initiated learning

Progressive lunch time/ 2nd babies’ sleep time

Indoor/ outdoor play with child and educator initiated learning

Progressive afternoon tea/ 3rd babies’ sleep time

3:30–6.00pm close
Play time indoors and outdoors child initiated learning – late snack at 5pm

Picking vegetables from the garden at Piccolo Early Learning Centre

A typical day – with 2 to 5 year olds

Open 6.30am
Breakfast – free play time either indoors or outdoors child initiated play

Progressive morning tea in the Cucina Cafe

Structured indoor/ outdoor play – Kindergarten program with child and educator initiated learning

Lunch in the Cucina Cafe/ sleep/ rest/ quiet play either indoors or outdoors child initiated play

2:30–4.30 pm
Structured indoor/ outdoor play – Kindergarten program with child and educator initiated learning

Progressive afternoon tea in the Cucina Cafe

3:30–6.00pm close
Indoor/outdoor child initiated play – late snack at 5pm